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Aqua CC


Aqua CC from Hoffmann Dental, is a water mixable Carboxylate cement for bondings and underfillings. Because Aqua CC only minimally thins out, it can balance out shrinkages in composites and prevent edge fractures. Aqua CC has antibacterial properties and acts as a barrier against loose particles arising from the Polymerisation process.


Product Details

  • Aqua CC
  • Water mixable Carboxylate cement
  • Suited as underfilling material and bonding cement
  • For core build-ups and temporary fillings
  • With Zinc, active antibacterial
  • Minimal thinning, balances shrinkages in composites and prevents edge fracturing
  • Active barrier against loose particles, resulting from the Polymerizations process
  • X-ray visible
  • No acidic pain, ideal for sensitive preparation stubs
  • Above average compressive strength
  • Easy residue removal
  • No special liquids needed, mix only with water
  • Properties: Zincoxide, Magnesiumoxide, Polyacrylacid
  • Available in different colours
  • Delivery contents: 10 Portioned 1g powder sticks,  1 water dosing bottle


You will receive your Aqua CC in your choice of universal tooth colour or bright pink. Thanks to the opacity of the cement, an even base and long-lasting colour stability is achieved. With the bright pink colour, one can achieve a particularly lively, natural effect.


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