Kalibracja ciśnieniomierza
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Calibration of your blood pressure monitor

Praxisdienst offers a quick and convenient calibration service for your blood pressure monitors. This service is available for any make and model of manual blood pressure monitor.

How it works:

  • Click the “Add to basket” button and enter the number of devices that you want calibrated in the “Quantity” field
  • Continue the order process as usual
  • You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail as usual
  • The Praxisdienst Team will contact you for further details upon receipt of your order
  • Send in your blood pressure monitor/s – please ensure that you include your contact details so that we can clearly identify your device/s
  • Calibration will take 1-2 days, after which we will return your blood pressure monitor/s free of shipping costs. Its new test seal confirms that the device has successfully been calibrated. We will also provide you with a test report outlining which tests were carried out.

Why is calibration necessary?

Calibration ensures that your blood pressure monitor gives accurate readings. Calibrating the blood pressure monitor ensures that accurate diagnoses are given.

Which blood pressure monitors does Praxisdienst calibrate?

Praxisdienst calibrates any make and model of manual blood pressure monitor.

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Kalibracja ciśnieniomierza

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