Test na nietolernację glutenu "GlutenCheck"
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The GlutenCheck gluten test is a quick and uncomplicated coeliac diagnostic tool that requires just 1 drop of whole blood.



  • Uncomplicated test requiring 1 drop of whole blood as a sample
  • Complete test kit
  • Rapid result, no lengthy waiting times for the laboratory
  • If the test is positive, dietary requirements can be discussed immediately in the surgery.
Coeliac, or sprue, is a gluten allergy in which eating grain and products containing gluten causes inflammation of the small intestine. A gluten test must be carried out to identify the symptoms as an actual case of coeliac disease. The "GlutenCheck" gluten test provides a quick way of testing patients in the surgery and obtaining an immediate result, meaning that both treatment and dietary requirements can be discussed straight away.
The GlutenCheck gluten test is an immunochromatographic rapid test that detects the anti tissue transglutaminase IgA antibodies, which cause the hypersensitivity, in the blood sample.

Test procedure:

  • Take blood sample (1 drop from the finger pad is sufficient)
  • Use the capillary tube to place the drop of blood in the test tube
  • Drop the mix on the gluten test
  • Read the result after 5 minutes
If the coeliac test is positive, the patient should be immediately advised with regard to dietary requirements to reduce the inflammation of the small intestine as quickly as possible.

Scope of supply: 1 GlutenCheck gluten test, lancing device, capillary tube, test tube, drop attachment and 1 test instruction leaflet.

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Test na nietolernację glutenu "GlutenCheck"

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