Test na paciorkowce typu B, 20 testów
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Strep B test

The Strep B test is a rapid, easy-to-use means of testing for B streptococci in women. Because B-streptococci infections are usually asymptomatic and frequently go undetected in women, this examination is urgently recommended in the final weeks of pregnancy. 


Benefits of this test:

  • Easy to use
  • Rapid and reliable
  • Can be evaluated on-site in your practice

All you need to perform the Strep B test is a vaginal or cervical smear from your patient. This is treated with the provided reagents and the extraction solution is then placed on the Strep B test. Within a very short time, the Strep B test will indicate to you whether or not the test is positive for B streptococci.
In order to ensure that the test was performed successfully, the Strep B test features a control line beside the test line to minimize the risk of error through insufficient sample solution. This Strep B has been used successfully for years as an in-vitro diagnostic in gynecological practices. .
Strep B test cassettes supplied with reagents, smear swabs, reaction containers, disposable pipettes and instructions.
1 pack of 20 Strep B tests

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Test na paciorkowce typu B, 20 testów

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