Test troponina I, 20 testów
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Troponin I Test


The troponin I test detects cardiac troponin I (c TnI) and thus provides proof of a myocardial infarction.



  • High sensitivity and specificity (>99% for troponin I)
  • Now even easier as reagents are no longer required
  • Reliable results within 10 minutes
  • Diagnostic tool to supplement ECGs
  • Samples are easy to take: full blood, serum, plasma

Whereas troponin is found in all muscle cells in the body, troponin I is found exclusively in the heart muscle. This is where the troponin I test comes in.

An infarction destroys heart muscle cells and releases troponin I, which is detected by the troponin I test. A positive troponin I test is therefore a quick and easy additional tool for diagnosing a myocardial infarction, which an ECG only picks up on in 50-70% of all cases.
The test principle is tried and tested: cTnI antibodies are added to the test membrane, react with the cardiac troponin I in the sample and colour the test line pink. The fact that cTnI is exclusively found in heart cells and the fact that troponin I test is highly sensitive (>99%) to this protein makes the test results even more reliable.

Test procedure

  • Ensure that troponin I test is at room temperature
  • Take sample (whole blood, serum or plasma)
  • Place 2-3 drops of the sample on the troponin I test
  • Read the results after 10 minutes
Scope of supply: 20 troponin I test cassettes, disposable pipettes and 1 instruction leaflet.
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