Welch Allyn Exam Light IV
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Welch Allyn
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Welch Allyn Exam Light IV

The Welch Allyn Exam Light IV is a high quality LED examination light that can be used wherever focused, high-intensity illumination is required. It is, for example, ideally suited for examinations in the gynaecological practice.
The highly flexible, extra long light pipe allows the Welch Allyn Exam Light IV to be individually adjusted to the examination or treatment situation. A touchless on/off control ensures more hygienic examination conditions and reduces the risk of cross-examinations.
The Exam Light IV is from the Welch Allyn Green Series. The examination lights in this series feature very bright, white light and with their low energy consumption are not only environment-friendly but also economical.  There is no need to change the bulb in the Green Series examination lights. The colour temperature of the LED lights also provides a true rendition of the tissue colours.

Welch Allyn Exam Light IV product details

  • LED examination light
  • Suitable for gynaecology and other areas requiring highly focused, bright light.
  • Triple-light intensity (compared to conventional lights)
  • True tissue colour rendition
  • Long life cycle, highly flexible fibre optic light tube, twice as long as conventional light tubes
  • Sealed light head
  • LED light does not need to be replaced
  • Low operating costs due to high energy efficiency
  • Easy to mount
  • Touchless on/off control combats cross-contamination
  • Disposable sheaths available as an optional accessory
The Welch Allyn Exam Light IV is delivered with a table/wall mount.

Two different mobile stands are available, allowing the examination light to be used in a mobile unit.
To ensure particularly hygienic use and to risk cross-contamination, the Welch Allyn Exam Light IV can also be used with especially designed disposable sheaths.

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Welch Allyn Exam Light IV

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