2:1 "Fero" Care and rest chair with wheels biały
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2:1 "Fero" Care chair with wheels

The design has been influenced by input from patients of dialysis practices and care home resisdents, resulting in a care chair that can offer patients and other such users advantaged previously unheard of!

Advantages to the patient:

  • Extremely comfortable seat and laying position thanks to the anatomically-adapted shaping and infinite adjustable positions.
  • "Zero-Gravity" position possible (based on NASA data on establishing completely neutral body position where all muscles are as relaxed as possible) 
  • Seat cushioning made from special visco-elastic foam, ideal for patients with decubitis.

Advantages for you and your staff:

  • A special gas-spring system allows minimum effort sitting-up of patient without any effort on their behalf.  
  • Very safe stability, even with overweight, restless of mobility-impaired patients.
  • Simple and safe to use mechanics
  • Small roller wheels on the back feet enable easy transport in tilted position. 
  • Easy to clean, Sanitized® treated synthetic covering with anti-fungal coating.
  • Seat cushion can be removed with one hand-movement
  • Sitzkissen kann mit einem Handgriff entnommen werden
  • Extensive accessories available.
  • No worry guarantee: 10 years for frame, 5 years for wheels, 3 years for gas-springs.

Product details:

  • Stable metal frame made from white aluminium (RAL 9006)
  • Fire-resistant cushioning
  • Holds up to 130 kg


  • Seat width: 53,5 cm
  • Seat height: 53 cm 
  • Total height: 125 cm

"Fero" is also available with infusions-stand (1 29 549) and arm-support (1 29 550) for taking of blood samples, sold seperately (see additional image). Please indicate order any of these with main purchase. 

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2:1 "Fero" Care and rest chair with wheels
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