Sitness Half Ball pomarańczowy
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Sitness Half Ball


The Sitness Half Ball is a swivel stool with a removable air cushion that trains and relaxes the spine as you sit. The air cushion ensures a healthy and upright posture and keeps the body in constant motion. This not only keeps the spinal discs active, but also constantly stimulates the deep muscles.
The air cushion can be removed to turn the Sitness Half Ball into multifunctional training equipment. Legs, bums, tums or back - the air cushion gives you a complete workout. The wobble effect also activates the deep muscles in that specific part of the body.

Product details

  • Sitness Half Ball
  • Trains and relaxes the spine while you sit
  • Air-filled seat ensures a healthy, upright posture and constant motion
  • Air cushion can be removed and used as a trainer for legs, bums, tums and back.
  • Training poster and video included
  • Load-dependent braked safety castors
  • Seat area: diameter 40cm
  • Seat height adjustment: 53-66cm


The Sitness Half Ball is available in the following colors: orange, red, white, black, blue, yellow and green.

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Sitness Half Ball pomarańczowy

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