Integrated Infusion Stand for Vico Stretcher
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0 Integrated Infusion Stand for Vico Stretcher
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Infusion Stand for "Vico" Stretcher


In comparison to common infusion stands which are not always at hand and then have to put into holders, this infusion stand for stretcher "Vico" is already mounted to the head section.

In order to not disturb treatment, it is foldable and can be stored below the head section to save space. When needed the infusion stand simply needs to be folded out, extracted and adjusted to the desired height and fixed by rotational motion.

Two stout hooks unfold automatically, in a way that bottles, infusion bottle holder or blood bags can be hung up easily.

Thanks to the use of robust stainless steel in the production, this indestructible infusion stand is easy to clean and disinfect.

Kindly note: the infusion stand must be ordered simultaneously with the order of the stretcher "Vico", mounting at a later point in time is impossible.

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