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"Vico" wheel stretcher

The "Vico" stretcher is a robust, sophisticated wheeled stretcher made by Haelvoet, which not only provides maximum comfort for your patients, but also makes the work of medical staff easier, for example, by the use of smoother hydraulic pedals and gas operated springs which automatically raise the patient.

Details for the "Vico" stretcher

  • Stretcher with 15cm wide wheels
  • Central brake
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • 2-section lying surface with X-ray permeable coating
  • Adjustable back section (90° angle possible)
  • Push bar on the head section
  • Impact protection on all 4 corners
  • Comfortable mattress (7 cm thick)

Like all Haelvoet products, this stretcher is of the highest quality and represents good value for money. All necessary components and relevant parts, such as a push bar and comfortable mattress, come delivered with the stretcher. In addition, special additions are available for the stretcher such as an integrated infusion stand and oxygen bottle holder.  

Technical details for the Vico stretcher

  • Load-bearing capacity: 200kg
  • Height adjustment: 45 to 85.5cm
  • Back rest adjustable by an angle of 90° by means of gas powered spring.
  • Maintenance-free hydraulic height adjustment
  • Central brake with 3 settings: lock, drive, lock in direction
  • Length: 217.5cm
  • Width: 80cm
  • Unladen weight: 85kg

The "Vico" stretcher was designed in collaboration with doctors, nurses and the emergency services, so that special attention has been paid to several important aspects such as hygiene, patient laying position and safety.
In addition to a high load capacity of 200kg, the stretcher comes provided with basic equipment such as side rails to prevent restless or unconscious patients from falling.
To allow for easy cleaning, the covering of the mechanics is removable and can be cleaned with any surface disinfectant.  The bicast leather surface of the mattress can also be disinfected.

To avoid unnecessary moving of patients for various examinations, the lying surface is permeable to X-rays, meaning that patient can be X-rayed whilst remaining on the "Vico" stretcher. If desired, even X-ray cassette holders are available as an accessory.

It is also possible to put patients in different positions with the "Vico" stretcher:

  • Sitting upright up to max. 90°
  • Lying flat (180°)
  • Slight tilt up to 12° (Trendelenburg position)
  • Shock position (legs higher than head)



The "Vico" wheel stretcher has a central brake and 2-piece lying surface, mattress, push bar on the head end, hydraulic height adjustment (46 - 85.5cm), impact protection on all four corners, ABS plastic cover (for mechanics), metal side rails and shock position foot pedal.

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"Vico" Wheel Stretcher
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