Szybki test malaria, 20 sztuk
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Diagnostik-Nord Szybki test malaria, 20 sztuk
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Malaria Test

This malaria test is a simple rapid test for the prompt diagnosis of malaria caused by the most common pathogen plasmodium falciparum.


  • Easy to carry out
  • Reliable results
  • High sensitivity and specificity (>99%)
  • Tried and tested test principle
The plasmodium falciparum pathogen is by far the most common and most dangerous of all the pathogens and causes the most serious form of malaria tropicana. As the typical signs found in weaker forms of malaria often do not appear in the case of malaria tropicana, this malaria test was developed to make it easier to diagnose this disease.
This malaria test is much more sensitive than microscopic diagnosis, and whereas some experience in the field of malaria diagnosis is needed when analysing microscopic images, the malaria test can be simply and quickly evaluated.

Test principle:

The malaria test is based on the traditional principle of a one-step chromatographic immunoassay. Plasmodium falciparum antibodies are already pre-fixed on the test membrane. If blood containing p.f. antibodies is added to the malaria test, both react with one another and colour the test line pink. To show that the test has been carried out correctly, this malaria test has a control line, which also changes to pink if the test has been carried out correctly.

Carrying out the test:

  • Take blood sample (whole blood) and drop it on malaria test
  • Add buffer solution
  • Read the result after 15 minutes

This malaria test has a proven specificity of >99% as well as a sensitivity of >99% and therefore guarantees quick and reliable results.
Scope of supply: 20 malaria test cassettes, disposable pipettes, buffer solution and comprehensive instructions.

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