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Rapid strep test


This rapid strep test is an immunological one-step membrane test for the qualitative detection of Strep-A Antigenen from a throat swab.


Rapid strep test product details

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Strep-A-Test for the qualitative detection of strep-A antigens
  • Sample material: Sample material: Throat swab samples
  • Reliable and convenient
  • Test results within only 5 minutes
Since the group A streptococcus bacterium can cause infections such as   tonsillitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, sinusitis, and scarlet fever, early diagnosis is recommended. This rapid strep test quickly and accurately detects the presence of strep-A antigens in a throat swab sample.

Test procedure:

  • Swab the throat for a sample
  • Apply swab to the reagents
  • Repeatedly squeeze out the swab and allow it to absorb the reagents
  • Leave to stand at room temperature for 1-15 minutes
  • Then once again squeeze out the swab and dispose of it properly
  • Immerse the test strip into the extraction tube and leave it
  • Read the results after 5 minutes

Scope of supply

  • 20 test strips (rapid strep test) individually packaged
  • 20 extraction tubes
  • 20 sterile disposable swabs
  • Extraction reagent 1
  • Extraction reagent 2
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